Customized mobile apps

for Data Collection and Reporting

Mobile Data Tracking


We offer a variety of customized solutions for companies with a mobile based workforce to help track and organize the data obtained in the field. We also offer data solutions related to timecards, expenses, invoices, equipment inventory, inspections and much more... Contact us to discuss your business needs.

Monitoring Services


Janner also provides technologically sound monitoring services. We regularly work within disaster recovery efforts to ensure all debris removal can be accurately tracked and reported in a timely and organized manner. We can rapidly organize and deploy the technology needed for personnel to start projects in the field. 

We have years of experience working with FEMA and offer consultation services to help our customers navigate the processes which can often be challenging. Our goal is for cities, towns and people affected by disasters to return to their lives as safely and quickly as possible. 

Technical Experience


We can customize our program to work with a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases specific to your company. 

We employ a diverse workforce with knowledge and experience with technology that can be utilized in both small businesses and large corporations, and all companies in between. This allows us to help your company with both large and small projects, as well as companies which partner with government agencies.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs!